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HMDS Jordan 2022

Registration opens on Wednesday, May 4, at 6:00pm

For the HMDS Jordan, 3 distances are possible: 120, 100 or 70km.
The HMDS distances are divided into 3 stages, to be completed at your own pace, running or walking. Depending on the distance chosen, the kilometers are divided as follows: –
Stage 1: about 25 to 30km –
Stage 2: about 20, 40, or 60km –
Stage 3: about 25 to 30km

These distances are indicative and can change depending on the type of terrain and the elevation gain. The terrain varies from soft sand to hard sand.
You have until the moment of the stages to change distances and enjoy the adventure as you wish.
The time barriers of the HMDS are very wide, allowing a maximum number of people to complete the adventure in the allotted time. The minimum speed allowed is 3.5km/h.
Over the past editions of the HMDS, the average speed of the participants has been 5.5km/h


After the desert of Fuerteventura and the desert of Ica in Peru, we want to develop this new stage race HMDS Jordan with you.  So, to thank you for your trust and because we want to make the participants of this 1st edition of HMDS Jordan, the real pioneers of the adventure, we have set up 2 special offers.

For this 1st edition, places are limited to 300 participants maximum.

Would you like to join the HMDS Jordan stage race accompanied by your loved ones?It’s possible, thanks to the companion offer.

For this new destination, we introduce a companion offer that combines: immersion into the desert, the possibility to support and encourage you during the race, the discovery of Petra and the end of the stay in a 4 star hotel located on the shores of the Dead Sea.
Concretely, here is the program for the companions:
– They will be with you at the hotel since the arrival on Saturday, November 12, and will accompany you to the start of the 1st stage, which they will attend.
– Then, during the 3 stages:

  • They will stay 3 nights in a camp in the middle of the Wadi Rum (different from the participants’ camp),
  • during the 3 stages, they will be able to come and encourage you on some check-points defined by the organization,
  • they will have the chance to discover the most beautiful places of the desert for a total immersion in this unique place.

– They will attend the arrival of the last stage and the awards ceremony.
– After the adventure in the desert, you will be together until the end of the HMDS week: discovery of Petra, stay in a 4-star hotel located on the shores of the Dead Sea, rest time… 🧘‍♂️
The companion offer includes 3 nights in a double room (1 before, 2 after the race), 3 nights out of time in the desert and the discovery of Petra after the arrival of the last stage.

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