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UTMB World Series 2024 Calendar

UTMB bluetrailAn updated list of the currently scheduled events for the UTMB World Series 2024.

The top 3 male and female finishers in the 50K, 100K and 100M categories automatically win their place at the UTMB World Series Finals. There are 43 events in Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa and the Americas, throughout 2024 season. To get entry to the lottery to run UTMB Mont Blanc, you also need to have at least one running stone; running stones can be collected by completing a 20km, 50km, 100km or 100mile race that’s part of the UTMB world series circuit. The more stones you have the better your chances of being successful in the UTMB lottery.

These are the remaining races in the UTMB World Series 2024 Calendar for 2024.

Mozart 100 by UTMB®, Austria (1 June 2024)
Tenerife Bluetrail by UTMB®, Spain (6-8 June 2024)
Trail du Saint-Jacques by UTMB®, France (14-16 June 2024)
Trail 100 Andorra by UTMB®, Andorra (14-16 June 2024)
Mauritius by UTMB®, Mauritius (22-23 June 2024)
La Sportiva™ Lavaredo Ultra Trail™ by UTMB®, Italy (26-30 June 2024)
Western States™ 100 Endurance Run, USA (29 June 2024)
EUROPEAN MAJOR: Val d’Aran by UTMB®, Spain (3-7 July 2024)
Restonica Trail by UTMB®, France (4-6 July 2024)
Trail Verbier St Bernard by UTMB®, Switzerland (5-7 July 2024)
Eiger Ultra-Trail by UTMB®, Switzerland (17-21 July 2024)
Speedgoat by UTMB®, USA (19-20 July 2024)
KAT100 by UTMB®, Austria (1-3 August 2024)
Quito Trail by UTMB®, Ecuador (2-4 August 2024)
UTMB World Series Finals: Hoka UTMB® Mont-Blanc, France, Italy, Switzerland (26 August – 1 September 2024)
Wildstrubel by UTMB®, Switzerland (12-15 September 2024)
Paraty Brazil by UTMB®, Brazil (19-22 September 2024)
Grindstone Trail Running Festival by UTMB®, USA (20-22 September 2024)
Julian Alps Trail Run by UTMB®, Slovenia (20-22 September 2024)
Ultra Trail Whistler™ by UTMB®, Canada (28-29 September 2024)
Nice Côte d’Azur by UTMB®, France (2-6 October 2024)
Kodiak Ultra Marathons by UTMB®, USA (11-12 October 2024)
TransJeju by UTMB®, South Korea (12-13 October 2024)
Ultra-Trail Ninghai by UTMB®, China (17-20 October 2024)
Kullamannen™ by UTMB®, Sweden (1-2 November 2024)
Mallorca by UTMB®, Spain (1-3 November 2024)
Puerto Vallarta México by UTMB®, Mexico (7-9 November 2024)
Translantau by UTMB®, Hong Kong (8-10 November 2024)
Malaysia Ultra-Trail Ninghai by UTMB®, Malaysia  (15-17 November 2024)
Ultra-Trail Kosciuszko by UTMB®, Australia (28-30 November 2024)
ASIA-PACIFIC MAJOR: Hoka Chiang Mai Thailand by UTMB®, Thailand (6-8 December 2024)

Check the UTMB website for up to date details of the UTMB World Series 2024 calendar at: Utmb.world/utmb-world-series-events

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