XTERRA Trail Run World Series

XTERRA Trail Run World Series Unites Global Running Communities

In its second year, the XTERRA Trail Run World Series is establishing itself as a premier competition in the global trail running calendar, attracting participants from around the world to some of the most iconic and diverse terrains. From the volcanic paths of the Asia-Pacific to the ancient woodlands of Europe and rugged landscapes of the Americas, the series offers a unique blend of cultural and physical challenges.


Inclusive Competition Model

The XTERRA Trail Run World Series stands out by offering an inclusive competition model that allows runners of all levels to compete directly against one another. This format removes the barriers typically associated with elite-dominated events, ensuring that every participant has a chance to win prize purses at various global events, regardless of their competitive history. The series features both marathon (35-60K) and half-marathon (15-34K) distances, with several shorter trail runs and group races catering to a variety of athletic abilities.


Global Locations and Cultural Richness

The series highlights several breathtaking locations, including the rugged trails of the Andorra mountains, the majestic landscapes of New Zealand’s Riverhead Forest, and the historic trails of Columbia’s Paipa, which challenge and delight runners with their natural beauty and technical demands. Each race is designed not only to test the runners’ abilities but also to immerse them in the local culture, making each event a unique experience.

Community and Connection

At the heart of the XTERRA Trail Run World Series is a strong emphasis on community. The series fosters a sense of connection among participants, encouraging an atmosphere where new friendships are forged and old ones are strengthened. This community aspect is a significant draw for many participants, who enter multiple events to meet with peers and celebrate shared experiences. These events offer family-friendly races and lively post-race gatherings, in a commitment to community exploration and enjoyment of healthy competition.


Championship and Qualification

The culmination of the series is the XTERRA Trail Run World Championship, held in rotating locations to highlight different iconic trails each year. The 2024 championship is set for the scenic trails of Sugarloaf Mountain, Maine, promising competitors a challenging course against a stunning backdrop. Runners qualify for this event by earning slots available in series races, adding an extra incentive to various global trail run pursuits.


More Than a Contest

The XTERRA Trail Run World Series is designed not only for racing, but for celebrating the shared experiences of runners from all walks of life in nature. Emily McIlvaine, XTERRA Americas Event Coordinator, explains this further by stating, “This series is for every runner who runs to explore, who thrives on dirt, hills, and fresh air, embraces personal challenge, and never stops asking what’s around the next corner. It’s a series for every trail runner, amateur to elite, young and old, the sprinters, the scramblers, the climbers, and the crawlers.”


Series Details and Participation

For those looking to join the XTERRA Trail Run World Series, detailed information on race dates, locations, and registration is available on the official XTERRA website. With races scheduled across the globe, runners everywhere are invited to find an event near them and experience the challenge and camaraderie of the XTERRA Trail Run World Series.

To discover details about a race in your chosen location, visit the XTERRA Trail Run World Series page.