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Ultrarunning World Magazine Publishes Issue 18

The latest issue of Ultrarunning World magazine (UWM)  is an interesting mix of articles by ultrarunners from the UK and the USA and from France Mireille Cormier writes about her 6 day race in Wychwood, South Africa. There’s an article by Kathy Vaughan who with her husband Ras Vaughan run and share their adventures […]

Ultrarunning World Magazine Issue 12

Ultrarunning World Issue 12

Ultrarunning World Magazine Issue 12 is the latest edition of the free online magazine which has been busy over the last few months withn the publication of the Hardmoors 55 Special Edition and Ultrarunning World Issue 11. Ultrarunning World Issue 12 features: • A Winter Bob Graham – Kim Collison • Arc of Attrition – […]

Ultrarunning World Magazine News

Ultrarunning World Magazine is being relaunched with a new issue published recently and apparently another issue on its way. Editor Abichal Sherrington says he is planning on producing 12 free issues of the magazine before reviewing the response at the end of 2018. The current issue of the magazine, Issue 8 features race reports from […]

40 Best Ultrarunning Sites

The Ultrarunners Top 40 Links   This is my current top 40 ultrarunning links in no particular order 1 Ultrarunning Online 14 New York Ultrarunning 28 A.U.R.A. 2 ULTRAmarathonRunning 15 Ultrafondus 29 Japan’s Ultras 3 Ultrarunning World 16 UltraNed 30 The Ultralist 4 Kevin Sayers Ultrunr 17 Ultramarathon News 31 Sri Chinmoy Races 5 Run […]