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Relentless 2012

A new project recently announced is the Relentless seies of ultras scheduled for October/November 2012. This looks like the biggest ultra series ever put together in the UK. Organised by the series offers the chance to run 1,600 miles in 30 days. There are 5 events of 300 miles each and thirty ultramarathons plus […]

40 Best Ultrarunning Sites

The Ultrarunners Top 40 Links   This is my current top 40 ultrarunning links in no particular order 1 Ultrarunning Online 14 New York Ultrarunning 28 A.U.R.A. 2 ULTRAmarathonRunning 15 Ultrafondus 29 Japan’s Ultras 3 Ultrarunning World 16 UltraNed 30 The Ultralist 4 Kevin Sayers Ultrunr 17 Ultramarathon News 31 Sri Chinmoy Races 5 Run […]

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